Starter Package – Save Money and Time!
If you are managing your own website you are probably paying more than $50 per month considering your time spent building and updating it.  Stop managing it yourself and let us manage it for you at a cost less than you are already paying to do it yourself.  If this sounds good to you, then let’s get started!

Business Package – A Dedicated Web Server and Quarterly Updates!
With the Business package, we will host your website on a web server with dedicated resources so it will never slow down because of someone else’s website.  We will also include quarterly page updates to keep your website content up to date and offer a significant discount on a Google Virtual Tour of your business!

Google Business Package – Your Business Website Optimized for Google Search!
With the Google Business package, we will host your website on a high traffic web server capable of handling 500k visitors per month!  We will also include monthly page updates and full Google site integration.  With the Google Business package, we will also research keywords to get your website found on all search engines and presented to users before your competition.  We will then continue to monitor the performance of the website using data analytics to make sure it continues to perform better than your competition.


**Pricing is when prepaid annually